Creative and emotional intelligence

Have you ever been triggered into a sudden outburst of uncontrolled anger or impatience?

Did it leave you wondering where it came from?

More importantly . . .
Was it helpful in dealing with the person or situation . . . or did it just make things worse?


90% of our decisions, behaviours and conversations are driven by our emotions!

And negative emotions ALWAYS result in unhealthy outcomes.  FEAR . . . FRUSTRATION . . . PANIC . . . OVERWHELM . . . REGRET – all of these are the feelings that flood your body with cortisol and create the physiology of stress.

Stress is a state rising from a perception that you’re threatened by or unable to deal with a person, situation, task or event. The neurochemistry of your feelings triggered by this perception – fear, anxiety, defensiveness, helplessness, etc. are what you are experiencing when you say you are ‘stressed’.

These seemingly spontaneous and unpredictable emotions set off a chain reaction of automatic behaviours which feed and escalate your stress.  And all too often these automatic reactions are inappropriate and excessive, leaving you embarrassed or regretful. They usually create stress for those you’re with as well.

While it’s natural to react to whatever threatens or irritates us (its a survival mechanism) how we usually do this is neither healthy nor appropriate.  And the consequences of such unhelpful reactions, both personally and professionally, can be huge!

Emotional Intelligence is not about denying or repressing your feelings.  Nor is it about trying to stay happy or positive all the time.  Emotions are a natural biological function providing important feedback.  But they should not be permitted to hijack your smart brain.

Emotional Intelligence is the down-regulation of the unhelpful and learned reactions that prevent you taking command and accessing the wisdom of all areas of your brain in each moment. It facilitates authentic expression while building true connection with others, and is essential if you want to build trust and influence outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence facilitates strong, healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of life.  It makes possible your greatest potential, bringing personal power and authenticity to all your interactions.


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