Virginia is an extraordinary coach. I have been a professor at the University Jaume I, Spain, for almost 20 years and research leader/director of an active research group, “Cognition for Robotics Research (C4R2)” for 10 years. I’m a leader in my field and successfully coordinated 9 projects with a total of 13+ M € raised.  I have also established two companies and won many awards, but I came to a point where I didn’t know how to take myself to the next level.

Virginia helped me clarify and shape my intent and refine my focus to achieve my greatest success. I’ve now not only secured a position of my dreams leading a team of top AI consultants for a global company that provides services to multi-billion dollar corporations (including Forbes 100 companies), I’ve also more fully tapped into the incredible power within us all. I keep growing and going beyond my limitations every day.

If you want real transformation and are ready to do what it takes – work with Virginia. The potential is limitless!

Teresa Escrig PhD

Founder & CEO, Qualitative Artificial Intelligence

We first met at a business seminar late last year. I was intrigued by Virginia’s service and calm demeanour. When we spoke about her business Bridge to Power, I realised that I was feeling a bit ‘stale’ for want of a better word.  Virginia explained, in a very easy to understand manner, that thought patterns – however conscious or not, play such a huge part in the way our lives work out.  I was hooked.

I recognized that to move my life from where it was to where I wanted it to be, would require a shift of some sort so I engaged Virginia.  Just by asking vital questions and listening to me, Virginia is able to detect even the smallest nuance that unwittingly stops a positive thought or action from actually being so.  With small changes and my new-found self-awareness, I began to notice immediate improvements in very subtle but definite ways.  I could shape my day better, hold better conversations with people, and close more business.

Virginia uses a tried and tested methodology with diagrams and proven facts to explain why each tiny shift works. I am so enthralled with the results! My life is happier and more settled, my business has shifted up a gear – or two!! and my personal relationships with people have far more meaning and depth.  The knock-on effect is endless; my health has improved, I have far more energy and my face looks less aged and stressed.

I would recommend anyone that has even the tiniest bit of dissatisfaction, or any recurring health issue, to work with Virginia.  And prepare to be surprised!

Alison H. Perth

State Manager, Business Development

Virginia is an exceptional coach. She has helped me see that it was my ‘inner dialogue’ that caused my anxiety and depression – ailments which were paralysing me and prevented me from moving forward and undertaking paid work of any kind. By challenging my original belief systems and thought processes, Virginia has enabled me to grow as a person, to become the ‘real me’. Now, my mental health has improved so much that I earn a steady income from copy-editing and proofreading, and writing articles which are published internationally!
Also, my type 2 diabetes has all but reversed with no more need for medication, and I have stopped drinking alcohol and smoking. And, it’s all thanks to Virginia – what’s she’s helped me see and do, is nothing short of remarkable. Her knowledge of what makes people tick is incredible and enlightening, while her wisdom, compassion and patience know no bounds.
I can’t thank Virginia enough, or sing her praises more loudly. I am finally finding ‘my real self’ and am confident of the future. (If I can find the ‘real me’ at aged 59, anyone can!) I will be ever grateful to Virginia and feel privileged to recommend her to anyone who needs a little (or a lot of) support in tackling and overcoming problems in their personal or working lives.

Rita Smith

Freelance Writer

The session we had was incredibly helpful and the lightbulb moments have really helped me to get some perspective back. I am very grateful that you fitted me in at such short notice, and how quickly and how huge the effect has been.

J. Williams

Psychiatric Nurse, London, UK

We have engaged Virginia to run workshops and lead informal conversation groups with amazing results, since 2013. She not only makes understanding ourselves easier, she provides simple and practical techniques that work!

Kaye Bendle

President, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren WA, Inc

“Virginia is awesome. She has helped me to improve my life considerably. She has taught me to love myself more and to stop being self-critical. More specifically, Virginia has been working with me to change negative habits. This has helped me to become more productive in meeting personal targets.  I am more confident of achieving and less apprehensive about making changes in my life. As a result, I face up to challenges.

Virginia has furnished me with the tools I need for both change and acceptance; acceptance that I am not a perfect human being and that progress, however small, is to be celebrated.  More importantly, Virginia has shown me that although there is a serious element to what I learn, it can also be fun. She encourages me to incorporate playfulness into my mindset, which I find is a really amusing yet productive way of learning. When I have experienced not so good days, (because I’m human!) Virginia helps me quickly redirect my thinking by providing tools for change that help get me back on track. I am much more optimistic about my future and I look forward to continuing to learn about myself and my capabilities. Thank you for everything, Virginia.”

Margaret Smith

Scotland, UK

“Virginia Huupponen has been an adviser and consultant for the last five years, to our great satisfaction. Her wisdom and practical insights clarified situations, bringing to the surface valuable solutions that enabled me and our company to make some very sound decisions. I recommend her highly as a consultant. Her range of experience in several industries has broadened her perspective making her an excellent coach for self-empowerment.”

Linda McCallum

CEO , Classy Custom Pet Portals

“I engaged Virginia to help me past a few small mental blockages with growing my Business. The results have been quite amazing, we are well past the blockages now in only a few sessions. Virginia is now mentoring me with some amazing techniques for exploring deeper into the mind for greater awareness and control. Virginia’s knowledge of the mind and how we don’t use it properly are seriously amazing. Virginia is extremely enthusiastic and motivating whilst being compassionate at the same time. No matter what the topic, you leave a session feeling invigorated and excited about creating the next step in your life. Give it a go you don’t know what your missing. Thanks Virginia!”
Nigel Reid

Owner, Quash: Creating Quiet


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Working with Virginia is a breath of fresh air, she is the ultimate ‘pick me up’ and motivator.  Prior to working with Virginia I was feeling very stressed out about everything and despite having done a lot of personal development, I was stuck in the ‘knowing’ and feeling quite helpless and not in control.  Virginia has lots of knowledge, personal experience and tools that she uses to help you to claim your power back.  She has a gentle manner while being very effective at getting to the real issues.  After a few sessions with Virginia I felt in control again and starting taking responsibility for my own thoughts, emotions and actions.  I would hire Virginia again and have referred her to several people that I know, including my mum.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is experiencing stress on any level.


Perth, Australia

I have worked with Virginia and highly recommend her as a Coach who can guide and help you  achieve anything.  She has inspired me to become a more focused person and it has helped me achieve more than I had ever thought I could!  Don’t only take my word – talk to Virginia.  It will change your life for the better.

Ruben Joseph

Co-Owner & Chef, Flip Side Cafe Olympia, Washington USA

I spent some time with Virginia going through problems I was having with my daughter and she helped me in many ways. The most helpful thing was learning to change the old pathway in my brain that came on automatically, to a new one.  It proved to me that I could change the way I dealt with my daughter, and also other people.


Perth, Australia

Conversations with Virginia have given me the strategies and tools I can use in my everyday life, especially when a problem or issue arises. Not only am I discovering my REAL self and no longer suffer with constant anxiety, but I also have control over my life journey. Virginia has shown me light at the end of my ‘tunnel’ and I am and will forever be, truly thankful for this!

Danika Corich

Perth, Australia

Virginia makes sense!  The knowledge and greater understanding of myself that I’ve gained from her has greatly helped me in my journey of healing.

Mieke Moyser

Denmark, Western Australia

Virginia has an uplifting personality and can see things from many different perspectives. She has the ability to bring a complex subject to a simple understanding.

Kerry Hill

Perth, Australia

Virginia guided me to see the situation differently, and I was able to make a better decision because of it. Thank you!

Dr W.J.H.

Kalgoorlie, Australia

I am still so very thankful for the time you coached me.  I’ve had my highs and lows on the East Coast, yet in all it has been good.  Thank you, you are an amazing presence and I feel blessed that you listened and helped.

Karyn Rainey

Dressage / Event Riding Instructor and Clinician , Maryland USA

Your coaching is profound with a practical ground of science. Thank you!


Washington, USA

I had several really fun manifestations that I know were due to you helping me get my thoughts straight. I’m extremely thankful for all your help. It is quite fun to really be an ‘observer’. It just gets better and better.


Seattle, USA

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