As a leader, your biggest daily resource is your brain.  And the biggest resource of your company or organisation is your people.

Understanding how the brain works, especially how it processes communication, allows leaders to optimise the neurochemistry of conversations to create environments of trust and cooperation, commitment and collaboration with their people.

Conversations trigger chemical reactions in the brain, and this chemistry either closes us down or opens us up to further sharing and engagement. When we trigger fear or anxiety in another, the part of their brain responsible for protection and defensiveness takes control.

Knowing how to calm fear in ourselves and others allows the prefrontal cortex – your Smart Brain – to engage with others to create mutually successful outcomes.

Virginia Huupponen helps leaders, professionals and business owners navigate the neurochemistry of conversation to enhance their interactions and strengthen relationships.

Her workshops and seminars provide simple, proven conversational tools and frameworks that enable you to clarify goals, elevate performance and generate powerful work-cultures of transparency, understanding and trust – both within your organisation and with your customers.

Connect with Virginia today and explore how you can unleash your Smart Brain and take yourself and your business to the next level.


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I’m a leader in my field . . . but I came to a point where I didn’t know how to take myself to the next level. Virginia helped me clarify and shape my intent and refine my focus to achieve my greatest success thus far. I’ve not only secured the position of my dreams leading a team of top AI consultants for a global company . . .  I’ve also more fully tapped into the incredible power within us all. I keep growing and going beyond my limitations every day.

If you want real transformation and are ready to do what it takes – work with Virginia. The potential is limitless.

Teresa Escrig PhD

CEO, Qualitative Artificial Intelligence

We have engaged Virginia to run workshops and lead informal conversation groups with amazing results, since 2013. She not only makes understanding ourselves easier, she provides simple and practical stress release techniques that work!

Kaye Bendle

President, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren WA, Inc

Virginia Huupponen is a qualified coach and the founder of Bridge To POWER. An experienced educator, business woman and speaker, Virginia employs the innovative social sciences of Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence™ to help business leaders eliminate silos and barriers and create transparent cultures, build authentic relationships and nurture employee well-being.

Using the recent findings in neuroscience, neuro-cardiology and social science research, Virginia helps you gain an insight into what drives us, and skilfully explains why we often have difficulty achieving our desired outcomes. But she doesn’t stop there!  Virginia provides simple, actionable, proven tools to enable you to create and enjoy the changes you want.



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