Conversations are integral to every part of your life, occurring internally as well as with others. How you use and navigate them will shape your self-perception, your interactions and the quality of your personal, social and professional relationships.

But did you know conversations activate different parts of the brain, each with its own chemistry?

Some conversations excite and energise you, creating connection and closeness while others leave you feeling resistant, disappointed, or even angry.

We all hold different views of reality in our minds and often the words we use to share our reality don’t convey the picture we intend. This leads to misconceptions which, if not corrected, can escalate into conflict. Cooperation is side-lined by defensive and protective behaviours.

          ” . . . get[ting] to the next level of greatness
                 depends on the quality of the culture,
                 which depends on the quality of relationships, 
                which depends on the quality of conversations.
                                                                                              Judith E. Glaser, Social Anthropologist

Creative, Smart Brain conversations naturally and organically build bridges to better interactions and more open and trusting relationships. By activating the neurochemistry of connection, understanding and trust you can more easily deconstruct difficult situations to support each other and explore new possibilities together.

Working with Virginia will equip you with proven tools and frameworks to elevate your conversations and bridge the gap between different realities, allowing you and your people to create more connected, committed and collaborative ways of working together.

Use Creative Conversations to open the door to greater possibilities for you and your business.

Start your Conversation today.



After a few sessions with Virginia I felt in control again  . . . I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is experiencing stress on any level.


Business Owner, Perth

Virginia . . . has helped me see that it was my ‘inner dialogue’ that caused my anxiety and depression – ailments which were paralysing me and prevented me from moving forward and undertaking paid work of any kind. By challenging my original belief systems and thought processes, Virginia has enabled me to grow as a person, to become the ‘real me’. Now, my mental health has improved so much that I earn a steady income from copy-editing and proofreading, and writing articles which are published internationally!

Rita Smith

Freelance Writer, Proof Reader and Copy Writer

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