People make business happen.  And their perceptions and emotions will either enhance or impede every aspect of your business operation, growth and success.

When people disagree it’s often due to the way they’ve interpreted the facts of an event, circumstance or conversation. Each person builds ‘a mental story’ supporting their interpretation and coloured by the emotions or feelings (neurochemistry) that story triggers within them.

Neurochemistry influences which area of the brain is in control at any given moment.

When each person takes the position that their story is the only right one, feelings of anxiety, withdrawal and distrust result. However our internal story or perception is rarely the only one possible.

Discovering and sharing others’ stories signals the brain to release oxytocin – the bonding, ‘feel good’ chemical.  As we seek to understand one another we build bridges that enable us to connect and collaborate more easily.

We move from our primitive brain to our smart brain.

Smart leaders create work-cultures that encourage and facilitate transparency and understanding. This inspires respect, connection and trust both among workers and with clients.

Why work with BRIDGE TO POWER?

It’s usually easy to recognise a problem exists, but do you know how to effectively resolve it?

Do you have actionable tools and strategies ready to use?

BRIDGE TO POWER coaching and workshops engage participants with exercises that expand understanding and facilitate in-the-moment change. Conflicts transform into opportunities for trust, connection and cooperation.

Every process offered is scientifically-based and crafted from the growing wealth of important findings in neuroscience, neuro-cardiology and social science research. They are guaranteed to enhance and elevate the intra- and inter-personal skills of your people with each other and with your customers.

Because every group, team and organisation has its own unique set of circumstances, needs and challenges, in-house services begin with an in-depth consultative process to clearly define and ensure delivery of the desired goals and outcomes.

Impact Surveys are also provided as requested.

Following is a small list of valuable outcomes resulting from working together:

  • Discovering and navigating the hidden conversational blind spots that create conflict and stress.
  • Understanding the brain’s landscape to enable candid and caring communication.
  • Optimising your prefrontal cortex – your smart brain – to open the door to business growth.
  • Building Trust, the ‘glue’ of high-performance teams.
  • Shifting from resistance to experimentation and co-creation.
  • Getting in front of the curve by aligning your intentions with your impact on others.
  • Developing conversational agility for calming anxiety in yourself and others so you can turn difficult situations into deeper engagement and growth.

All BRIDGE TO POWER services provide you tools to disrupt feelings of stress and anxiety in the moment, and bring the mind and heart back into a state of calm ‘coherence’.

Although Virginia is based in Perth, arrangements can be made to attend your city or town.




I engaged Virginia to help me with a few small mental blockages with growing my Business.  The results have been quite amazing, we are well past the blockages in only a few sessions.  Virginia is now mentoring me with some amazing techniques for exploring deeper into the mind for greater awareness and control . . . You leave a session feeling invigorated and excited about creating the next step.

Nigel Reid

Owner, Soundproof Pty Ltd, Trading as QUASH

I have worked with Virginia and highly recommend her as a Coach who can help you achieve anything. She has inspired me to become a more focused person and it has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could!

Rueben Joseph

Co-owner and Chef, Flip Side Cafe

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